About us


My promise to you

The Café Racer journey began in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. I was working there in 1997 traipsing all over the country and drinking some very fresh PNG coffee that tasted like nothing I’d had before. This led me to dragging some serious coffee making equipment (grinder and espresso machine) all over the country for the next nine years. It was in those 9 years that my addiction to making the best coffee truly began. Later, my work took me away from PNG to other countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. With each destination came a chance to sample new and exotic blends and my

knowledge of each region’s signature coffee grew. Before long I was making up my own blends, looking for the right ratio and types of beans that would complement each other perfectly. In 2012 (and with a world of coffee knowledge behind me) I moved back to Australia and started Café Racer Coffee, as a small batch, specialty, roast on order coffee supplier. Since then we’ve gone on to make a lot of people very happy by providing satisfying single origins and barista quality blends to houses and offices all over Australia.

At Café Racer, we guarantee to:

  • Always source the best coffee available.
  • Continue to keep our commitment to fair and ethical trade.
  • Strive to increase people’s knowledge of coffee, and help fine tune their skills so everyone can discover the joy of drinking a truly great brew.

That’s my promise to you.

Chris Birkett Founder
Café Racer Coffee