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We are dedicated to ensuring you receive only the best, and that’s why Café Racer source our green beans directly from trusted suppliers in the superior coffee growing regions across the globe.

We then meticulously roast our beans to our unique method to bring out the full flavour before blending. By selecting only the finest quality beans that complement each other we make delightfully delicious and velvety blends packed with flavour.

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Our exemplary single origin coffee is sourced from a single farm or estate. Let Café Racer take you on a journey to the forests of Ethiopia, the cool Brazilian plateaus, the hazy rainforests of Guatemala, the tropical jungles of PNG and to the mountains of Hawaii and Jamaica.

Our comprehensive offering takes on the terroir of the place it is grown. For those with an individual taste who want their coffee pure and freshly roasted, choose Café Racer.

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The Best Coffee Beans

Australia has a culture for fantastic coffee and at Café Racer, we know nothing beats a freshly roasted cup. We carefully source our beans from quality suppliers around the world and roast them with passion, before delivering them fresh to your home or business. As a small batch roaster we approach coffee with enthusiasm, tasting and refining our products for hand-crafted blends that our customers love. When you order your coffee beans online for delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide you’re guaranteed to receive the finest selection of fresh coffees right to your door.

At Café Racer we create memorable experiences. Business owners, qualified baristas and connoisseurs have turned to us for their regular supply of the best coffee beans, delivered promptly anywhere in Australia from Melbourne to Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. We are striving to source only organic, fair trade and shade grown coffee wherever possible.

  • Why do we do it?

    We roast because we love it, it is a passion and isn't about money or image; it's about bringing out the best flavours possible from the individual bean and getting it to you before its flavour peaks. We will never say that we are the best. We will never say that we don't make mistakes. We will, however, promise to continuously improve and hone our roasting techniques in order to provide you with the highest quality coffees that we possibly can, every time.

  • We want to make your coffee… Better

    Here at Café Racer Coffee, we specialize in small batch roasting where we take a common sense approach to helping you make the best gourmet coffee right at home. We will always give you the straight you can explore, taste and enjoy wonderful coffees at home and how to get the best from their unique flavours.

  • Do you know how old the coffee you buy is?

    Statistics show that, “90% of the coffee sold in the world is stale.” Right now you might be thinking, “My coffee doesn’t taste stale.” It would if you treated your taste buds to truly FRESH coffee. Coffee will naturally de-gas after roasting and we recommend you start drinking your coffee once this process is finished and order enough that you have finished the bag within 2 weeks of the degassing finishing.

  • When do I re-order?

    To make sure you have the best coffee available at all times, we plan to roast and have the coffee delivered to you before the de-gassing process is complete. So for when to re-order, let’s say we use a 500gram bag of coffee every 10 days at home, I order my 500grams and as I have my first cup from the bag, I place my next order with Café Racer Coffee (there is a very good reason for this)...

  • Quality and Consistency

    At Café Racer Coffee, we know you want a beautiful coffee every time you or your customers have a cup. While it is easy to say, quality and consistency are two things that are difficult to separate and vitally important and which we aim to reproduce in everything we do from bean selection, storage and roasting, right to you. Café Racer Coffee offers an amazing variety of organic, fair trade, and shade grown coffees!

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A café racer is a motorcycle that has been modified for speed and handling, rather than show. In line with the same philosophy, we have streamlined our operation to allow us to roast small batches on order, and then get the coffee to you before the de-gassing is finished and the profile peaks, to allow you to enjoy all the full flavours that the beans you have selected will allow.